Craft and Bake Sale!

(Can you tell we're excited?) 

Please stop by the Ledford Gym between 9am and 3pm to do a bit of Christmas shopping. There will be all kinds of goodies made by our talented SEBTS family. 

For a parking map, please click here

See you all there!

The Craft and Bake Sale  is only 4 days away!

I wake up the morning after the SEBTS Craft and Bake Sale and think to myself, “Only 364 more days until the next craft and bake sale!”  That’s no joke – I really am “that” person.  Thankfully, my countdown is almost over and the event is this weekend!
Saturday, November 2 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., stop by the Southeastern Ledford Center gymnasium.  You won’t be disappointed!
From hair bows and hand-knitted scarves to cookies and candies, you’re sure to find something at the Craft and Bake Sale to bless someone with this gift-giving season, or to enjoy yourself.
This event is more than an opportunity for the community and seminary students/staff/spouses to interact; it’s a blessing to seminary families as we enter into the holiday season.  November and December bring with them Thanksgiving dinner, parties and Christmas presents for our children – making the holiday season two months of tightly-stretched budgeting.  Participants devote hours, days and weeks to knitting toboggans, looping ribbons for hair bows and baking their favorite family treats from scratch hoping to earn some extra holiday spending money to make the holidays more of a blessing to their family and friends.
I’ve been busy preparing apple chips, salted caramel candies, pumpkin chocolate chip bars and Oreo truffles for this year’s event, and hope you all find them delicious!  Stop by The Petite Pumpkin Treat Co. booth (I’ll have balloons to stand out a bit)!  I’d love to see you, praise Jesus with you and have you try my treats!

Our second Connecting Point event of the year was this Monday, and if you missed it, you missed a wonderfully sweet time!

As the evening started, ladies mingled and enjoyed goodies provided by Las Margaritas Mexican Restaurant, Charlie's Kabob, and the incredible ladies of the Southeastern Women's Club.
We then had a chance to hear from three Southeastern ladies who have recently spent time around the US and the world on mission trips.They shared what God taught them and reminded us why missional living is so important. After they spoke, we spent some time worshiping the Lord together, led by Heather Lawrence..

 Then we had the opportunity to hear from Michelle Horton, a Southeastern graduate and church planter in Washington, D.C. As Leslie asked her questions about life as a church planter, we learned some of the challenges that married and single ladies may face as they take the Word of God to the lost.

Finally, we spent some time writing notes of encouragement to church planters and missionaries around the country and the globe. After all, Michelle's encouraging presentation reminded us all just how important those encouraging messages are to Christian workers.

The letters are in the mail, and we will continue to pray for our sisters as they share the love of Christ with a lost world!

Join us at our next event on November 2nd. 
The Craft and Bake Sale will take place in the Ledford Center Gym from 9am-3pm. 
See you there!  
About Me

Hi!  Im Jill Barbour and Im a student in the Masters of Arts degree in Christian Studies at SEBTS.  I am currently in my 4th year of part-time studies.  I live in Clayton, NC with my two children, Luke, 21, and Emme, 10, and my supportive husband, Rusty.  We have been married almost 27 years. Our oldest son, Wes, got married to a beautiful woman, Allison, this summer; they live in Chicago. 

This is not my first master’s degree!  I received my Baccalaureate of Science in Nursing from ECU and several years later, I received my Master’s in Nursing from UNC-Chapel Hill.  So why in the world would I want to return to college for another degree? Have you ever studied the Bible or listened to a sermon and knew that there was far more that you wanted to know?   Or heard of a missionary and wish that was you? I had never envisioned going back to school again and yet, I realized that God was calling me to an opportunity to study under great teachers at SEBTS.  

We have been members of Baptist Center Church in Clayton for over 40 years.  Baptist Center is a small church with only one paid pastor on staff.  The opportunities for service are abundant.  I have enjoyed working in all areas of the church but the same area that called me to my career as a women’s health nurse practitioner was the same area of ministry that I was being called to in the church: women’s ministry.   

While many of the degrees interested me- women’s studies, biblical counseling, etc- I decided to go with Christian Studies.  I liked the broad nature of the degree.  Since obtaining this degree more than likely will not change my career, I wanted the broadest education that I could receive.  My desire is to increase my knowledge so that I can better serve others in the local church.  I don’t know if there is a specific order of classes that is best but I began with Old Testament 1 with Dr. McKenzie.  It was truly a life altering class! He taught me how to properly view the Old Testament.  The OT went from a book of interesting yet disconnected stories to a beautiful grand narrative of God redeeming the world to Himself through His Son. 

I can honestly say that all of the professors I have had have been incredible examples of men who love the Lord and want to help each of us to grow in our depth of understanding of Scripture.  They live the lives that they teach.  Hermeneutics with Dr. McKinion was an incredible class that taught me how to read and understand Scripture and see the interconnectedness like never before.  I have used so much of what I have learned already in my local church.  I think I practically taught my entire hermeneutics class to our Wednesday night Bible Study group.  My Sunday School class could teach Genesis to anyone after we studied it for almost six months! 

Is school easy with a family and a busy job?  NO!!  Do I want to give up at times?  Yes!!  But I keep hanging on because of the value of what I am learning!  I don’t want to miss out on a single class.  I’m not sure how this might change my future, but do know that it is giving me a direct application within the local church every single week and for that I am very grateful!

About Me

Hi there! My name is Lacy Fairchild, and I am in my third semester here at Southeastern where I am pursuing a Master of Arts in Intercultural Studies. I attend Bay Leaf Baptist Church in Raleigh, and I am so thankful the Lord has placed me there.

What made you choose this degree?
When I first came to Southeastern, I was going to study Missiology. However, after spending some time in prayer, I decided to switch to Intercultural Studies.  I chose this degree because of a mission trip to Turkey that I went on when I was a sophomore in college.  It was after that mission trip that I felt like God was revealing to me the call of missions on my life.  After going to Turkey, I served a summer in South Africa and I was able to serve in China with Bay Leaf this past summer.  I want to share the love of Christ with the nations.

How do you want to use this degree when you finish?
When I finish this degree, I hope to go overseas (in God's timing, of course!). My undergraduate degree is in Fitness and Wellness. Therefore, I want to work in countries where they suffer from malnutrition because of the poverty levels. Most of all, I just want to love on the people and share His Word and love with them.

How have some of the courses that you have taken benefited you already?
I have benefited from taking a lot of mission classes already, because the professors of those classes have been such an encouragement.  In each class that I have had the opportunity to attend, I have been able to see my professors’ passion for how we need to go and reach the nations.  Currently, I am taking an Evangelism course, and it has been teaching me how to get out of my comfort zone in sharing the Gospel with people around me.  This is helping prepare me for going overseas to share about the love of Christ.

Is there any advice you would give to students who are thinking of pursing this degree?
I would give the same advice to students who are thinking about pursuing any degree: set aside some time to have a quiet time with the Lord.  That is one thing that has truly helped get me through each day.  Also, get involved in a local church where you can be around a community of believers who build you up and encourage you. 

"And I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send, and who will go for us?" Then I said, “Here I am! Send me." - Isaiah 6:8 
About Me

Hello! My name is Bailey Shoemaker, and I am in my third semester here at Southeastern. Originally from Mississippi, I moved to Raleigh a little over a year ago to attend seminary. Currently, I work as a graphic designer and I am pursuing an MDiv in International Church Planting. Life is crazy and awesome, but I am just taking it one day at a time, loving people and enjoying this season of learning. I am a member of the Summit Church, which is my family, and love seeing what God is doing!

I originally felt led to go Seminary in early college when God began fostering a deep love for the Scriptures in my heart; as I read more, I just needed to understand the context and the history behind the passage.  As I continued on in college, I really started to see some type of international missions as a part of my future.  God used time that I spent hanging out with a lot of international students and an opportunity to spend several summers overseas to radically change my view of the world and ministry.

To make a long story short, seminary was not what I expected.  The material didn’t just affect me academically, but spiritually as well, penetrating deep into my soul, provoking questions that I did not know the answer to.  It was quite difficult, but oh so good!  God shook me upside down that first year, challenging and refining me as questions emerged about who I was and what I believed.  I struggled a lot to figure out why God brought me here, even though I knew without a shadow of a doubt I was supposed to be here.  I slowly started to realize that my focus was too limited.  I had one idea of what I should do and how I should get there.  Throughout the last year, God has broken me and shaped in me new ways, and given me a renewed sense of joy!  He has opened my heart to a variety of ministries.  

Don’t get me wrong; I still love international missions, but in a beautiful way, God has released my grip on what I think my life should look like, and transformed my perspective into an open-minded one.  Oh, it has been a rough year wrestling with who am I and coming back to the amazing truth of my identity anchored in Christ, strengthened now with a better understanding of His gospel and dependency on Him, but I would never trade it for the world!

I am still in the same degree program, but as I tell most people, I am pretty much just winging it!  Who knows where God will lead, but I am so privileged to be a part of his perfect plan, and know that whether I end up in a hut in Africa, an ESL center in Chicago, or a coffee shop in Ukraine, He is so good!   

Southeastern has been such an amazing source of growth and theological richness.  I am so thankful for each of the professors here that have brought a new challenge and perspective of the elements of the gospel.  I am so excited to continue to sharpen my understanding of the Scriptures, grow in my knowledge of theology, and ultimately just learn as much as I can during this season.  I am so grateful for the opportunity, and we shall see what lies ahead!

BWI Term 2 will start  Tuesday October 15, 2013!

If you are not yet a BWI student, 
please fill out the application 
in order to register for classes this term.

What classes are you interested in? 
Comment below to let us know! 

First Aid for Frazzled Moms

October 26, 2013
9:00 AM - 11:30 AM
Christ Baptist Church | 400 Newton Rd | Raleigh, NC

Join the ladies of Christ Baptist Church on Saturday, October 26, 2013 from 9:00-11:30 a.m. for a parenting seminar featuring experienced mother and teacher Sarah Knott.  Gain Biblical and practical insight into ways in which you can train your children or grandchildren, or help other mothers train their children, toward obedience and respect.
 Tickets are only $5 per person. Purchase tickets from Christ Baptist Sunday mornings or M-Thursday 9-5 in the church office.
For more information, contact Macon Newby (919) 782-6376 or

Limited childcare openings available only through advanced registration by October 11.

{Insider Info} What's your degree program?

About Me
Hi there, my name is Adrianne. I am a Southern California girl transplanted by the Father to the desert of Central Asia and then to the extreme green of North Carolina where a Florida boy who had lived in South Asia decided I should marry him, and I whole heartedly agreed!  Though I have finished the classes for an MA in Christian School Administration, I have yet to write my thesis and graduate. I have taught in public school, Christian school and a homeschool co-op for third culture kids, and I have seen how every child and every family in every place needs the grace and forgiveness of our Savior. My husband is 4 classes away from his MDiv, and our goal after graduation is to be used as God's tools among the nations once again.
What is your degree program?

I am currently pursuing an MA in Christian School Administration.  Most people in this degree program plan to be Principals or Headmasters at Christian schools in the United States.  Many are already teaching or in leadership at a school.  The purpose of the program is to develop skilled Christian school leaders who will put Christ first in their own lives as well as in relation to the faculty, staff, students and parents they will minister to. 

The classes are usually small, which leads to a sort of family feeling.  They often take place during a few weekend sessions or over the summers because so many of the participants are already working full time in schools.  The assignments are very practical and applicable to the job of leading a school.

Dr. Coley is the main professor for most of the CSA courses.  He has a wealth of experience; he has taught and led Christian schools for many years, raised his own children, consulted with Christian school leaders, written books on the subject, and led conferences in various locations.  He is very approachable and cares deeply for his students.  His vision is to see godly, passionate, well trained leaders in Christian schools who are able to handle all of the pressures and intricacies of school headship.

Why did you choose this degree?

My pursuit of this degree is a little different than most and is a bit of a long story . . .
I have a strong and deep passion to see the Good News go out among the nations. I long to one day stand before the throne of God with people from every nation, tribe, and tongue, singing praises to the Father in a joyful jumble of music and voices.  However, I'm fairly introverted, and my skill set is better suited for behind-the-scenes work than the main stage.  I laugh daily at how the Father took this bookworm and showed her how He wanted her to serve Him in unexpected ways.

My undergraduate degree is in Child and Adolescent Development and Teaching.  I taught public elementary school in Los Angeles County for 4 years before God led me to move overseas for 3 years to teach.  I also helped start a homeschool co-op for the children of North American Christian workers living there.  During this time, I learned that the need for trained educators to help overseas families is often overlooked (though the need for Christian teachers in America's public schools is fairly obvious).  One major issue that contributes to families leaving the field is education for their kids.  Many factors play into a family’s decision to stay or leave the field.  Some cannot be helped, but others could be solved with a bit of help and support.
My goal and vision as I pursue this degree is to help overseas families in the realm of education for their children.  In doing this, I can help them to stay in the places they have been called to.  They already have the language skills and relationships into which they can share the Good News; my part in seeing the nations reached is to support the families doing the reaching!

While I was living overseas and trying to decide what to do when my 3 year term ended, I came across Ecclesiastes 10:10: 

“If the ax is dull and its edge unsharpened, more strength is needed, but skill will bring success.”  

I instantly understood this to mean that, though I had been doing the job that the Father had called me to with some skill, with more training I could be much more useful to these families.

I am still not sure what exactly God would like me to do with this training.  I would love to teach Third Culture Kids again, or help others set up homeschool co-ops like the one I taught in, or to be a voice on Skype to encourage and strengthen the teachers and parents in the skills needed to teach, or to offer ideas for how to deal with specific educational issues, or help educators choose the curriculum that will best prepare their children for life and godliness.  I am excited to see how God will use the training I have received in the CSA program!
What are some of your favorite courses?

From the core classes: All of the courses were good.  The Old and New Testament courses give a deeper understanding of the Bible.  The theology classes make you think about what you believe in ways you likely haven't before.  Ethics makes you apply those beliefs to situations in real life.   

From the CSA classes: All of Dr. Coley's classes are useful and practical.  My favorites were Philosophy of Christian Education, Curriculum Design, and both of the courses that deal with supervising and administrating.  These are really the bones of the educator’s job, and getting your mind and heart wrapped around the concepts presented in these classes is essential to doing it well.

Do you have any additional tips that you would like to share with anyone considering pursuing a degree in Christian School Administration?

1) Make your relationship with God your priority.  Seminary life can suck you dry if you let it. Take daily time away with Him.  Get (and stay) deeply connected to a local church.  Intentionally form a couple of close friendships with people who will love you well and call you out when you need it.  All of this will help you to walk away with stronger faith and calling rather than as a former servant with a lot of head knowledge.

2) There are not any biblical counseling classes as part of the degree.  My tip is: take one anyway.  I took Counseling Parents and Children because Christian school teachers and administrators do quite a lot of this as a normal part of their job.  The course was very insightful and helpful.


My name is Denae Gold, I am in my second year here at Southeastern Seminary and I can’t think of a better place to be pursuing the Lord’s calling on my life.  I attend The Summit Church in Raleigh, and I am a part-time staff member with CRU High School while I am completing my degree.

When I visited Southeastern my first question was, “Is it possible to complete a double degree, one being a Master of Divinity in Youth Ministry and the other a Master of Arts in Biblical Counseling?”  With great excitement the answer was, “We can make it work.”  There began my journey of completing two different masters degrees at the same time.

The Lord has grown in my heart an incredible passion to see teenagers come to know Jesus and be on fire for proclaiming His glory among the nations.  While the Lord began to grow my heart for teenagers, He was also breaking my heart for them as well.  Today’s teenager is often faced with the realities of broken homes, drugs, alcohol, and the list goes on.  The more teens I meet, more the reality of deep hurt and pain becomes evident.  Because of this daunting reality, the Lord opened my eyes and gave me a desire to pursue a degree in biblical counseling along with my youth ministry degree.

As I sought the Lord in prayer about the decision to take on the task of two degrees and the calling that was before me, the Lord reminded me that this task was not about me.  This task was about the students I would one day come across and their desperate need of heart change that only comes from the transforming work of the Gospel.  It was at this point that the Lord reminded me that He would equip me with everything I would need to complete His will.

“Now may the God of peace who brought again from the dead our Lord Jesus, the great shepherd of the sheep, by the blood of the eternal covenant, equip you with everything good that you may do his will, working in us that which is pleasing in his sight, through Jesus Christ, to whom be glory forever and ever. Amen” (Hebrews 13:20-21).

Ultimately I am joining Him on a mission He has already begun.

I feel a desire to become equipped to handle the turbulent situations that often enter the life of a teenager with the biblical truths that are presented in Scripture.  My desire in completing both the MDiv and MA is to help teenagers look through the lens of the Gospel when facing the realities of life.  I want them to be so captured by the glory of Jesus that they rest in the truth that their identity is a beloved child of God.