Vacation 101

Hey ladies!  It's summer and very very hot!  Today's post is a repost from girltalk.  I invite you to check out girltalk.  It is a great site by Carolyn Mahaney, wife of CJ Mahaney, and their 3 daughters where they talk about different things that all women face with a biblical perspective.

You know you have kids when you tell people that you will be leaving for vacation in “3 sleepies.” Obviously, we are on countdown here at the Bradshaw household; we’ll be heading to Tennessee on Sunday with the whole Mahaney clan.
 If you are planning to take a vacation, and like me, need to prepare to serve others and glorify God, here are a few links from the girltalk and cheap seats archives you might find helpful:

First, check out my dad’s three part series on leadership and family vacations. You can leave it up on your computer screen for when your husband “happens” to walk by.

Then, for some easy vacation cooking ideas, you might like these recipes.

If you need a reminder to keep fighting remaining sin—which doesn’t take a vacation--this post by Nicole will encourage you to prepare accordingly.

You definitely don’t want to forget to make wonderful memories. Read about that here.

And the hardest part of vacation--coming home. This post will help ease you into normal life again.

We hope this helps with your family vaca's!   Now if only we could get a pool at SEBTS! :)

One-to-One Bible Reading

Good Thursday to all!  Today we would like to highlight a book that is a great tool for discipleship with non-Christians and Christians.  One-to-One Bible Reading by David Helm is a simple outline of ways to actually evangelize and really have a disciple relationship with other people.  We talk about discipleship all the time, but do we really know how to do it or what it looks like?  Helm's book is a great tool to get started.  He gives very practical instructions on how to read the Bible together as a one-on-one basis.  It's also a short read, which is always a plus!  

BWI Fall 2011 Classes Posted

Below are the Fall 2011 BWI courses that will be available.  Please note that these classes can change, so please check back throughout the summer to stay up-to-date.  If you have any questions or would like a Registration Form please visit or contact the Women's Life Office at or 761-2340.  

Term 1: August 23rd through October 13th

Old Testament Book Study
Tuesday Evenings, 7-9 pm
Teacher, TBD

Church History
An introduction to key historical events and figures that shaped the belief and practice of Christianity throughout the centuries.
Thursday Evenings, 7-9 pm
Donnie McDaniel

Christian Ethics
This course will examine the biblical foundations of Christian ethics and to investigate several contemporary moral issues that affect the family. Discussion topics may include divorce and remarriage, homosexuality, abortion and reproductive technologies, euthanasia and physician assisted suicide.
Thursday Evenings, 7-9 pm
Teacher, TBD

Biblical Theology of Womanhood
This course will examine biblical passages and concepts regarding God’s unique and consistent plan for women. Biblical Theology of Womanhood is designed to highlight the patterns of biblical femininity and to provide resources for implementing the Scriptures into the lives of women of today.
Weekend Intensive, Date TBD
Teacher, TBD

Introduction to Missions
This course is designed to introduce women to God’s global mission and the biblical, theological, historical, and practical bases for their participation in His mission.
Weekend Intensive, Date TBD
Teacher, TBD

Biblical Foundation for the Minister’s Wife
A practical survey of issues relating to the role of the minister’s wife. This class is directed primarily toward pastors’ wives, current and potential.
Thursday Evenings, 7-9 pm
*This is a 10 week course (8/25 – 11/3)
Dr. and Mrs. Akin

Term 2: October 18th through December 8th

Worldviews: Apologetics and Philosophy
This course is designed to equip the Christian with fundamental knowledge of a range of worldviews and religions. The goal of the course is to gain conversational ability with some basic Christian doctrine, as well as that of other worldviews, keeping the aim of evangelism in view.
Tuesday Evenings, 7-9 pm
Teacher, TBD

Baptist History & Identity
This course will provide a very basic orientation to key issues in Baptist History and Identity.
Thursday Evenings, 7-9 pm
Teacher, TBD

Preparing for Missions
This course is designed to offer women biblical and practical preparation for living and ministering on the mission field, with special attention to a specific region of the world.
Thursday Evenings, 6:30-9 pm
Lesley Hildreth

New Testament Book Study
Thursday Evenings, 7-9 pm
Teacher, TBD

Need a Weekend Getaway?

Are you in need of a weekend getaway?  LifeWay has some great Women's events coming up that are not too far from the Wake Forest area.  For more information on LifeWay events you can check out their website.
 Are you ready to see God's Word in a whole new way?  There's nothing quite like worshipping the Lord with Beth Moore, Travis Cottrell and an arena full of women.  If you've never experienced Living Proof Live, join us for a weekend of laughter, life-changing worship and one-of-a-kind teaching. 
July 22-23, 2011
Charlotte, NC
September 30 - October 1, 2011
Baltimore, MD
Check out the website for more details.
 What do you get when you bring Beth Moore, Priscilla Shirer and Kay Arthur to one location?  A once in a lifetime opportunity!  Join these three amazing Bible teachers and worship leader, Travis Cottrell for a weekend of biblical wisdom, creative worship and infectious fun.  
June 10 - 11, 2011
Louisville, KY
Check out the website for more details.

Serving the Fatherless

Today's blog is an excerpt from JD Greear's blog.  You can view the entire sermon here.

Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress 
and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.
James 1:27 

We’re going to focus on the 1st phrase…

Stop for minute and think about that. Why do you think James say this? It’s such a strong statement, isn’t it? Pure religion before God and the Father is this… In other words, if you’re not doing this, you
may not have “pure” religion. Corrupted.

• In fact, in chapter 2 James is going to say that if you don’t do this… if you don’t actively care for the fatherless and the widow then your faith isn’t real.
• So, why? Why is this put up as a test for genuine faith?
Well, 1st, realize this (and it is very important): the point is not trying to develop some artificial, legalistic checklist that says, “Do you have any direct involvement with ‘orphans and widows’? If so, you’re good;
if not, you’re not a real Christian...” Lots of people who are involved in orphan care do so for wrong motives; lots of people who love God aren’t involved directly with that ministry… The Gospel never gives you checklists like that, about anything.

Rather, what this means is that someone who has experienced the transformation of the Gospel naturally gravitates toward loving those who are in need, whoever they are; and, if you don’t do that, if you are not leveraging your life and your talents and your resources to bless others with the Gospel, you might not (for all your religion and your Bible verses and your sanitized behavior…) you might not really
be saved!
No religion is genuine, no matter how many verses you know or how intensely you worship, that doesn’t lead you to love and sacrifice for those in need.

Or, let me say it this way…
You cannot say you are a disciple of Christ if you turn a deaf ear to the poor.
We have a lot of Christians here who think that they are Christians because they prayed a prayer… Lots of people in every religion pray…
Praying a prayer doesn’t make you a disciple of Christ; following Jesus does, and Jesus poured out His life for others. So, the real question James is asking is this… and one some of you really need to consider… “You say you are a Christian… but are you leveraging your life to bring salvation and peace to others in need…?”

• You guys that are in college… What’s your primary goal… Are you in all of this to develop your talents for personal benefit… or is your primary goal leveraging your life for the prosperity of God’s kingdom?

• And you that are older in your career… what are you doing with the ways God has increased you? Are you using your career success just to get nicer and nicer stuff for yourself; or, are you using your increased capacity to give more, to serve more?

• Is your trajectory toward greater service, or nicer and nicer stuff?

• Are you chasing for the American dream or the Gospel dream?

• Caring for the fatherless and widows is not a merit badge for some hyper-motivated super-Christians, but the mark of any and every true disciple…
 Pure religion before God and the Father is this…
Congratulations to the 2011-2012 Connecting Point Ministry Team! 

Connecting Point exists to foster fellowship and spiritual maturity among women of Southeastern. Whether you are a college student, seminary student, wife of a student, faculty, or staff member, you are welcome!  Connecting Point events are held 4-5 times per academic year. Each has its own unique flavor and is designed to encourage fellowship among the Southeastern women.

Katrina Goenaga - President
Jessica Alldredge - Decorations Coordinator
Dayna White - Refreshments Coordinator
Deana Keathley - Publicity Coordinator
Kathy Medlin - In-Reach Coordinator
Laura - Craft and Bake Sale Coordinator
Jessica Woodall - Childcare Coordinator
Samantha Hatchett - Photography
Nina Ridgley - College Liaison
Carole Rooker - Faculty Wife Advisor

Don't Quit

This month we’re asked for thoughts on service…looking back over decades in ministry, so much boils down to don’t quit.

God’s glory is at stake.  Life isn’t about me.  Or my family.  Or even, gasp, ‘our ministry’.  It’s about Jesus. 

I live for the glory of the One who died on the cross to pay for my sins, the only Hope and Light for a dying world.  I have been bought with an unfathomable price.  So I’ve given up the right to quit.      

I love what Mother Teresa once told a young missionary with a passion to care for lepers:

“It happened once…a young Brother came to me and said, “Mother, I have a special call to work with the lepers.  I want to give my life to them, my whole being.  Nothing attracts me more than that.”  I know for a fact that he truly loved those afflicted with leprosy.  I, in turn, answered him, “I think that you are somewhat wrong, Brother.  Our vocation consists in belonging to Jesus. The work is nothing but a means to express our love for him.  The work in itself is not important.  What is important is for you to belong to Jesus and he is the one who offers you the means to express that belonging.” (Jose Luis Gonzalez-Balado, Mother Teresa: In My Own Words)

It’s really all about Jesus.  So I do not quit.   


And yes, of course, there are verses that feed my soul - I memorized Galatians 6:9 while we were still in seminary, “let us not grow weary while doing good, for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart.”  So true, so very true. 

There are verses far more profound than the phrase don’t quit.  Verses empowered by the Spirit of the Living God – living and active words – words sharper than any two-edged sword.  Develop an arsenal of those verses.  And, when the fiery darts come in the service of ministry, take up the shield of faith.  Tell yourself the truth of scripture instead of listening to your emotions…especially when you’re tempted to quit. 

Women in the Bible have always intrigued me.  Their stories are varied, but they never show up on the pages of scripture randomly - God included them so we could learn from their example.  As a wife, the contrast of Esther vs. Haman’s wife captures my thoughts.  When confronted with great crisis, Esther began to fast and pray and chose her words wisely.  Haman’s wife spouted ungodly counsel and urged her husband on in unrighteousness, then turned on him in his darkest hour. 

Who do I choose to be?  The woman who fasts and prays…the one God can speak through?  Or the selfish wife of Haman, a woman who lashes out ‘just give up, your circumstances are hopeless’?  I choose to live for the glory of a God who empowers cracked and broken clay vessels for His glory.  A God who still works miracles in the lives of those who trust Him – no matter how their circumstances may appear.  So I cannot quit.

And I learn from Martha that, yes, many things need doing.  But my to-do list could probably be shorter and I could definitely lose the drive for perfection.  Spending time at Jesus’ feet, like Mary, gives me perspective.  I have to be honest and acknowledge there really are tremendous needs all around us when we’re in ministry.  Without perspective, the service required to meet these needs can seem crushing.  But God has promised all I need for life and godliness – sometimes when I want to quit, I have to realize I’ve taken on more than He is calling me to do.          

Jesus drew His disciples away for rest.  This Creator who fearfully and wonderfully made their bodies knew they needed rest.  How presumptuous of me, and how controlling, to suggest I’m so indispensable that I can’t draw away to rest.  Jesus also rose early to spend time with His Father.  What utter presumption, to think I can serve a day without His guidance and empowering – it’s as though I’m saying, ‘I can handle this day on my own, God – you’re not needed.’  Sometimes, the spiritual service of making time for a refreshed body and renewed mind are what gives me endurance in ministry.     

I find the people who made a difference in my life are the ones who did not quit.  Who didn’t go on to the next exciting adventure when life got hard…or boring.  Those heroes of the faith who proved to me, by their life, that Jesus is real and His Word is true. It’s all about Him.  Don’t quit.

Stephanie Mills loves being married to Richard. And mornings that start with a mug of coffee & an open Bible.  And, now that the kids are grown, exploring the world…often in hiking boots with a tent. Richard planted Faith Baptist in Youngsville, and it was amazing to raise PKs in a place where the whole family got to join God at work and see lives changed. She thinks it just doesn’t get any better than that!

100th Post!

Good Monday morning!  We hope that you have had a wonderful weekend, and especially a wonderful Mother's Day!  Today we are celebrating our 100th post!!!!! So grab a piece of cake and celebrate with us! Don't you just love this rainbow cake!?! 

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On how to make a rainbow cake click here.

Awesome Giveaway!

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Service of Hope

This Friday night a special service is being held for anyone who has experienced the pain of losing a child through abortion, miscarriage, stillbirth or early infant death at the North Raleigh Campus of Summit Church.  This service is through the Pregnancy Support Services of Wake Forest. Statistically, one in four women in the evangelical church have had an abortion, and roughly 20% of all pregnancies end in miscarriage.  Needless to say, this affects many women. 

During the service Spence Shelton will be presenting a message of healing and hope in Christ for the mothers and families.  There will also be a time of worship, as well as attendees will have an opportunity to light a candle in honor of a child's life.  PSS counselors will be available for prayer throughout the night. 

If you are interested in attending please contact Paige at for more information.

Service of Hope
Friday, May 6th 
7 pm
North Raleigh Campus of Summit Church

May Giveaway!

It's May! Can you believe it?  For the month of May we will be discussing service here on Walking Worthy.  We have guest blogger's who will be talking about different forms of serving, such as serving overseas as a missionary, serving in the local church, serving your family and serving those around you on a daily basis.  So how are you serving?  Maybe this summer you are going on a mission trip, serving in a local outreach or intently serving your family?  We want to hear about it! 

We also have a great giveaway this month!  If you haven't had a chance to check out the Share Shop yet this is your chance!  Mrs. Debbie Ladd from the Share Shop is donating a Free Personal Shopping Day to one lucky winner!  The Share Shop has EVERYTHING!  Men's and women's clothing, children's clothing, kitchen appliances and everything in between!  This is a wonderful ministry that SEBTS has, and it is such a blessing!  To enter follow the steps below. Make sure you leave a comment for each step!

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**also you can get an extra entry if you come to the Get Going event tonight!  Get Going is held in Jacumin-Simpson at 7 pm.  This is a special time of prayer and fellowship for the 2011 ladies who are preparing to deploy as missionaries overseas.  Make sure you fill out a registration form tonight!