10 Study Break Ideas for Finals Week!

Hey Ladies! We know that studying isn't the most fun thing to do, but maybe these study break ideas will bring a little bit of fun to these last few weeks of the semester!

1. Indulge!

Grab a latte or your favorite tea and sip away!


2. Workout! 

You've been sitting way too long!  Go to the gym, come the workout center at Ledford, or do an online workout video.  Hulu has lots of free online workout videos that are under 30 minutes.  The Gaiam's Wake Up Workouts are  great!

3. Quality Roommate Time!

Have a dance party!! Take a few minutes, turn up your favorite Christmas song and have a jam session! Or...have your own mini-concert.  You know we all do it...pretend like we're Mariah Carey every time we hear "All I Want For Christmas Is You" come on the radio. Or there's the trusty old marshmellow fight! Grab a bag of those big ol' marshmallows and go to town!  You could always see how many cartwheels you can do in your hallway, while being careful of course. :)

Photo courtesty of ugo.com.

4.  Get crafty! 

Visit our Women's Life Pinterest page and get inspired, very inspired! 

5. Cook! 

Cook your favorite recipe or try something new.  Putting your mind on something else will definitely help you to stop thinking about Spurgeon for a little while.  Try this recipe here for something savory.  Or if you have sweet tooth try this single serving Chocolate Chip cookie or this mouth watering chocolate cobbler.  Yum!

Ooohhhh....The Pioneer Woman- Chocolate Cobbler
Photo Courtesy of The Pioneer Woman

6. Get out of your room! 

Go Ice Skate at the Factory or visit some of the tree lightings happening this weekend! Lafayette Village in Raleigh is having it's lighting Saturday night, as well as the Raleigh Winterfest Kickoff is happening Saturday as well.  Check out the links to find more info!

Photo Courtesy of Indy Week

7. Do some online Christmas shopping! 

Limit yourself of course to a certain time, but who doesn't love perusing Amazon or your favorite store?! We do, we do!!

8. Go for a walk! 

Walk downtown Wake Forest, or head over to Joyner Park for some pretty scenery and quality girl time.


9. Do something mindless!

Whether it's your favorite iPhone game app or doing a sodoku, do something that doesn't require you to think about your papers or your finals.

10.  Take a 20-minute nap!

Yes, that means setting your alarm clock to wake you up 20 minutes later. A brief 20-30 minute power nap will give your mind and body the reboot it needs to power through your study session and nail your final!

Photo Courtesy of alleyoop.com

We hope that these ideas help you!  Leave a comment below and let us know your best study break ideas!

Spring 2013

Hello ladies! While we are busy preparing for the holidays, don't forget to start browsing CampusNet for the Spring 2013 BWI classes! You will be able to register for classes on Tuesday, November 20th. In the meantime, take a look at what is being offered:

For full course descriptions, please click on the image below:

We can't wait to see you in class!

If you are interested in taking an online class and live 120 miles or more from the campus of SEBTS, please contact the Women's Life Office for more information.

BWI Graduation {Apps due}

Finishing up your classes this semester?  

We will be honoring our December BWI Graduates on December 4th during the final chapel service for this year.

We are excited to celebrate with our graduating students and their families on their accomplishment of completing their certificate or diploma in Women's Studies.  

If you have completed all of your required classes and would like to participate please complete the Graduation Application (click here for app) and turn it into the Women's Life Office by tomorrow, Friday, November 16th.  

Questions?  Contact us at (919) 761-2340 or womenslife@sebts.edu.  

Recap from {Project: Community}

On Monday, October 22nd Connecting Point hosted the second women's event of the year.  We had such a blast at this event.  The focus of the night was to learn how to serve the large international population right here in the Raleigh/Wake Forest area.  We had the privilege to hear from World Relief and NC State's SIT.  The ladies were able to see ways that they could get involved during their season here at SEBTS.  

Check out some pictures of the event below! 

Local restaurants gave an awesome spread of international foods that were absolutely delicious!  Olive Garden donated mini-size tiramisu, Charlie's Kabobs donated hummus, and Las Margaritas donated chips and salsa!  We are so very thankful for our local restaurants that love our Southeastern students and are willing to donate their yummy food! We also had some egg rolls from Hong Kong Restaurant here in Wake Forest.  Needless to say the food was a big hit! 


Attendees also learned some basic Korean conversation starters and a song.  There was also dancing! Yep, that's right! Sheena and her dance class taught us some Bali-style Indian dance moves. 


Major props to our Connecting Point Team for putting together this fun and informational event! 
Photos courtesy of Carrie Gilliam.

Our next event will not be until February.  At this event we will be focusing on the issue of sex-trafficking.  You will not want to miss this event!