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Connecting Point exists to foster fellowship and spiritual maturity among women of Southeastern. Whether you are a college student, seminary student, wife of a student, faculty, or staff member, you are welcome!


Over the summer our Connecting Point Team will be busy planning the events for the 2013-2014 school year.  Check back in August for our CP event dates!

Childcare is provided for FREE for all CP events, except the Craft & Bake Sale. You must RSVP for childcare up to 3 days in advance. To RSVP contact the Women's Life Office at or (919) 761-2340.

The Biblical Women's Institute (BWI) is designed for women who are preparing for Christian service in their homes as well as through local churches or other ministry settings. BWI offers non-degree programs comprised of courses that are both practical and personally enriching. All women are invited to enroll. 
FA 2013 Biblical Women’s Institute (BWI) Class Registration
Term 1: August 20th – October 3rd
Christian Education – WST0530
Tuesday, Evenings, 7-9pm
Instructor: Virginia Gray
Course Description: This course is designed to introduce students to foundational principles and purposes for Christian education.  Students will come away with an understanding of the importance of investing their time and energy into passing on the Christian faith to the next generation. 

Church History – WST0140
Thursday Evening, 7-9pm
Instructor: Lindsay Lewis
Course Description: An introduction to key historical events and figures that shaped the belief and practice of Christianity throughout the centuries.
*Also offered Online. 

Old Testament Survey I – WST0110
Thursday Evening, 7-9pm
Instructor: Alyson Walker
Course Description: An introduction to the history, literature, and religion of the Old Testament, including a detailed examination of the problems and interpretations of the Pentateuch and Former Prophets.
*Also offered Online. 

Biblical Foundations for the Minister’s Wife – MIN3631 & PMN5631
Thursday Evenings through November 7th, 7-9pm
Instructor: Mrs. Charlotte Akin 
Course Description: A practical survey of issues relating to the role of ministry wives, current and potential. Various topics are covered, including marriage, homemaking and hospitality, spiritual disciplines, missions and evangelism and more. This class is free.
*Also offered Online. 

Biblical Theology of Womanhood – WST0250
Weekend Intensive: August 24 and September 14 from 8am-5pm
Instructor: Carrie Gilliam
Course Description: This course will examine biblical passages and concepts regarding God’s unique and consistent plan for women. Biblical Theology of Womanhood is designed to highlight the patterns of biblical femininity and to provide resources for implementing the Scriptures into the lives of women of today.
*Also offered Online. 

Theology & Culture – WST0525
Instructor: Sarah Sheaffer
Weekend Intensive: September 7 & September 21 from 8am- 5pm.
Course Description: This course is designed to introduce the student to a biblical theology of culture. Primary focuses for the course will be defining the concept of culture, developing a biblical theology of culture, and applying a biblical theology of culture to daily life. 

Term 2: October 15th – December 5th
Christian Ethics – WST0510
Tuesday Evenings, 7-9pm
Instructor: Cathy Moffett
Course Description: This course will examine the biblical foundations of Christian ethics and to investigate several contemporary moral issues that affect the family. Discussion topics may include divorce and remarriage, homosexuality, abortion and reproductive technologies, euthanasia and physician assisted suicide.

Preparing for Missions – WST0240
Thursday Evenings, 6:30-9pm
Instructor: Lesley Hildreth
Course Description: This course is designed to offer women biblical and practical preparation for living and ministering on the mission field, with special attention to a specific region of the world.

Old Testament Survey II – WST0112
Thursday Evenings, 7-9pm
Instructor: Alyson Walker
Course Description: A continuation of WST0110 with a focus on the Latter Prophets and the Hagiographa.
*Also offered Online. 

Intro to Missions – WST0270
Weekend Intensive: November 2 and November 16 from 8am-5pm
Instructor: Randy and Kittie Trail
Course Description: This course is designed to introduce women to God’s global mission and the biblical, theological, historical, and practical bases for their participation in His mission.
*Also offered Online

Baptist Identity – WST0150
Weekend Intensive: October 26 and November 9 from 8am-5pm
Instructor: Sarah Sheaffer
Course Description: This course will provide a very basic orientation to key issues in Baptist History and Identity.
*Also offered Online

Syllabi and other course information may be found on CampusNet as soon as available. You must be registered to see information.

Childcare is offered for BWI Thursday evening classes for a small fee.  For more information on childcare please contact Women's Life. 

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