Craft & Bake Sale {Saturday}

Join us THIS SATURDAY for the annual Craft & Bake Sale! 

The event is held in the Ledford Center Gym from 9am to 3pm.  

Free admission and open to the public! 

This is a wonderful opportunity for you to get a head start on Christmas shopping, as well as support our SEBTS students & families as they sell a wide variety of items.  We have over 80 vendors this year that are selling homemade decor & accessories, delicious baked goods, baby items and much more!  There will also be representatives from companies such as Mary Kay, Thirty-One Products & Visalus.  

Invite a friend and come join us Saturday! 

How you can participate in our 40-Hour Prayer Vigil!

Ladies, we want to encourage you and your families to take part in the 40-Hour Prayer Vigil next weekend taking place at SEBTS in Appleby Chapel. The event encourages members of the SBC to join together for prayer for personal and corporate revival. It is also intended to be a precursor to the upcoming election and to encourage the SBC to be in prayer for the leaders of our country. 

SEBTS has been working to put together a format which will encourage involvement institution wide. We have divided the 40 hours of prayer according to demographic groups on campus. Time blocks have been set aside for residents of the various housing complexes, faculty and staff, commuter students, and distance learners. For information about what time you have been assigned, please click here. No matter how late or how early your assigned time is, we want to encourage as many SEBTS students and families to come out as a community and pray together. We hope you can make this an exciting time for your family to go together to pray for the nation and the world. There will be interactive stations and prayer guides available to help you lead your family in this time. There will also be unsupervised, kid-friendly activities for them to do while you are praying together.

We know what you are thinking…. You want me to pray for an hour from 3:00-4:00 AM?! Are you crazy??

Since we would like to see as many families come out as possible, we have taken a few minutes to compile some ideas to help you make this a memorable event for your family:

  •  Sign up for a time to pray that is right after going to the Women’s Life  Craft andBake Sale! Yummy treats, Christmas gifts, and prayer. What could be a better afternoon.
  • Sign up for a crazy time at night, like 2:00 AM, and make it an exciting excursion for your kids. Don’t tell your kids about the prayer time prior to bedtime. Put them to bed as usual but get them out of bed in the middle of the night and tell them that you are going to go and pray together as a family. Explain why prayer is so important and why we must pray for our nation. After praying together, go to Waffle House or make a special treat for you to enjoy together. 
  •   If you are single, have a girls night leading up to the time that you have signed up to pray. Watch movies, make a Pinterest craft or snack, and then go together with your friends to pray. Make sure you bring your coffee!
  • Coordinate with your neighbors in your building to all go together. Then have a potluck dinner with one another to build a greater sense of community in your housing complex.
  • If anyone in your family plays the guitar, bring it and lead your family in worship as you pray together. 
  •   Take turns watching neighbor’s children so married couples can go together an pray … possibly make it a date night and grab dinner afterwards. 

7.       If you don’t live near the SEBTS campus, sign up to pray from the comfort of your own home. Our Distance Learning Students and Commuter students play a very important role at Southeastern and we desire to see you get involved as well. Even though you aren’t coming to campus, please sign up so we know when you are holding the rope for us and praying on behalf of our community!

If the assigned time for your community does not work for your family’s schedule, please feel free to sign up for another time. We would prefer as many students to get involved as possible and do not want that to hinder you from participating. 


Ladies- are you in? Click here to sign up now! Leave a comment with any other suggestions that you may have to make your prayer time meaningful for you and your family!

The Center for Faith & Culture's upcoming event will focus on human trafficking & the mission of God.  You do not want to miss this event!  Best of all it is FREE!  Rev. Larry E. Martin of the International Justice Mission will be speaking at the event.  
The event will be held Friday, October 26th.  There will be 2 sessions which you are welcome to attend.    

10:00am - Student Session: The Good News about Injustice

7:00pm - General Public Session: The Unfamiliar Passions of God

 Both sessions will be held in the Center for Faith & Culture Seminar Room, 2nd Floor, Patterson Hall on Southeastern's campus. 

 Register Now for These Free Events!  Contact Sarah Sheaffer with event inquiries.

Project Community {the details}

October 22nd is our next Connecting Point event, and we are oh so excited here in the Women's Life Office!!

Our goal for Connecting Point has always been to provide a place for fellowship and spiritual encouragement for our SEBTS girls. This year, however, we've added another objective. Not only do we desire to foster fellowship and spiritual growth amongst our ladies, but we also greatly desire to bring to you practical ways to be involved in ministering to others while you're here at SEBTS!

Now, don't get us wrong...we're well aware that most of you gals are already involved in ministry in some way or another! We just also recognize that between the heavy loads of schoolwork, employment, or family life, ministry to others can often take a back seat. We would like to help you "get that out of your back seat," if you will ;)

This leads us to introduce to you our next Connecting Point event:

Project Community: Connecting to the world around us.

Project Community will take place on October 22nd at 7pm in the Ledford Center (main floor).

What makes this event so special?
Well, at Project Community we plan to present our students and wives with ways in which they can minister to internationals while living right here in the Research Triangle!

What will we do?
Besides enjoying delicious refreshments and fun giveaways, we’ll interact with World Relief and Saturday International Together (SIT), both of whom work with international families and students as they come into the U.S. They’ll talk to us about ways we can minister to these brothers and sisters right now according to their real needs. Because our focus will be ministering to internationals, you’ll actually have an opportunity to do just that. World Relief has sent a list of toiletry items that they distribute in welcome baskets to international families in need (see below). We’ll be collecting those items on the night of the event and donating what we collect straight to World Relief! Oh…and we may or may not learn a few phrases in Korean as well as some Indian (Bali) style dance moves!!

What to bring?
Besides yourself and a friend, anything from this list would be great!

Toilet Paper

As always, there will be free childcare for those of you who need it. You can register for that by contacting us at:

We hope to see you there!

Women's Life

Ladies, the 2012 Fall Embrace Leadership Training will be held on Southeastern's campus October 26-27. There may still be volunteer opportunities available for those would would like to serve and attend the conference for free. Please contact the Women's Life Office if you are interested in serving. Otherwise, see the link below for more information and to register for the conference. It promises to be an uplifting and informative weekend!

Click HERE for more information.