Kristel Acevedo is a New Mom who Understands Worry


I'm a mom now. They say once you become a mom you worry all the time. Well, they
weren't kidding. It's strange because I've never been one to worry. I'm usually the type
of person who goes with the flow and thinks that everything will work itself out.

Throughout my academic career I never worried that I would fail a class, I trusted that I
would get through college and grad school with no problem. I never worried about my
love life because I trusted that God would find the right husband for me. Even with
finances, no matter how broke we were, I always trusted we would have enough money
to pay the bills.

But now I look at my tiny baby boy and I worry. I stay up at night watching him sleep and
worrying that he's not breathing correctly. I worry about his health and development. I
worry if I'm being a good mother. Am I being the very best I can be? I worry about his
future. Will he love Jesus? Will he make good choices?

I have to stop myself and remember who is in control. I have to trust that God will have
grace on me and my shortcomings as a mother. I have to trust that God will protect my
son. I have to trust that no matter what happens, God is always in control and it is all a
part of His plan.

I'm learning to trust God in a whole new that I'm a mom.

Kristel Acevedo lives in Denver, CO with her husband, Alex, and their son, Liam. They are members of The Summit Church - Denver. She is a graduate of Southeastern Seminary with a MA in Biblical Counseling and is now a stay-at-home mom.


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